Stereo and Immersive Media 2016

Photography and Sound Research

October 27-29, 2016, Lisboa
Universidade Lusófona | Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Lisboa

Conference Series

Video + Sound Installations, Sound Studio at Lusófona



Sound artists present at the conference will showcase two sound installations here at Lusófona during the event.

When: All Day through on 27th an 29th October
Where: Universidade Lusófona, at the Sound Studio, room P.1.1.

Lago by Joshua Bonnetta (2015)
Part I: 23.53’; part II: 20.08’
(first picture on the left)

Lago is an LP recording created in dialogue with the photobook (of the same title) by American photographer Ron Jude, published by MACK (UK).

The two compositions revisit the sites of Jude’s initial photographs in and around the Salton Sea in the Southern California desert, and use site specific field recordings and analogue processing to craft an aural counterpoint to the photographs themselves and the photographic process.

Recordings made in and around the Salton Sea, California March 2015.

Sound Wave Sculpture (Sculptural Improvisation for Articulated Lamp) by Matyou Galea (2016)
Sound and Video, 5’ (sample)

Guided tour to The Paradoxical Image exhibition

S&I Media’16 Conference delegates will be offered a guided tour to the exhibition “The Paradoxical Image: Francisco Afonso Chaves (1857-1926)” held at Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado (MNAC) on October 28th, at 18:30.

This exhibition presents for the first time the stereoscopic photographs of Francisco Afonso Chaves, an Azorean naturalist scientist who established a rare and creative dialogue between art and science, representation and visual perception, having been one of the most original contributions to the history of Portuguese photography.

Free entry.

Registration at the Conference registration desk closes one hour before the event start.

Curators: Victor dos Reis, Emilia Tavares


 Larry Schaaf

Larry Schaaf

We are delighted to announce the title and abstract for the opening keynote session by Larry J. Schaaf, on October 27th at Universidade Lusófona.

Professor Schaaf will deliver a presentation titled “The Virtues of Reality: Henry Talbot, Nature and Imagination.”


Much more than a scientific breakthrough, Talbot’s invention of photography was a dramatic demonstration of his fertile imagination.

He started out seeking a replication of reality – the image of Nature as she saw herself – and this he soon attained.


A nineteenth-century inspired studio-set will be installed at the conference venue, Universidade Lusófona.

You can take part in the reenactment of a pioneering photographic practice and take the result back home with you.

The photographs are taken with nineteenth-century equipment, resulting in images with timeless atmosphere and expression. The Silverbox team works with Wet Plate Collodium on a metal plate.

This will be, without a doubt, a unique experience.

Registrations for a portrait (tintype 10x12cm, 20€) are open: please send an email to requesting your portrait for the 27th or 29th.


Edgar Pêra, awarded Portuguese film director, will premiere his new 3D short-film during the conference at Universidade Lusófona.

Edgar Pêra will be with us for a Cine-conference on October 27, where he will present and discuss his film with conference participants, under the title “Visceral Cinema: from three-dimensional film to virtual cinema”.

In 2013, Edgar Pêra joined Jean Luc-Godard and Peter Greenaway in the 3x3D, premiered at the closing night of La Semaine de la Critique of the Cannes Film festival.



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