Stereo and Immersive Media 2016

Photography and Sound Research

October 27-29, 2016, Lisboa
Universidade Lusófona | Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Lisboa

Conference Series

Photo Gallery

A funny group photo just after our first dinner with the Puppet Museum scenery in the back

Guided Tour to the Studio House of Carlos Relvas, Golegã

A stereo tintype and a stereo lithograph exhibited at the conference venue

Stereo & Immersive Media’16/ visit to the studio of Luís Pavão where we had the chance to see his collodium portraits and his daguerreotype lab. Thanks Luís! — com Luis Pavao, Victor Flores, Manuela Correia de Brito

An extraordinary group portrait by Luís Pavão during our visit on October 29 to his amazing studio (Lupa) in Lisbon. Thank you so much Luís!

Just after Nicholas Wade’s inspiring talk ‘Seing with two Eyes and Hearing with two Ears’ at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Lisbon, on October 28.

Larry Schaaf contemplating some photo items at the exhibition of Afonso Chaves, Museu do Chiado — em Lisboa.

Denis Pellerin posing for a tintype portrait by Silverbox

Larry Schaaf holding a little chair for a stereo picture being taken by Denis Pellerin

Nicholas Wade surprised us with this special photo taken during the visit to the Flower archive in Lisbon. Because we were all looking at a Flower’s negative callotype, Nicholas converted it to a positive making us look like this! In the photo: Margarida Medeiros, Alexandra Encarnação, Victor Flores, Larry Schaaf, Nicholas Wade, Emília Tavares, Ana David, Denis Pellerin

Denis Pellerin and Larry Schaaf getting prepared for a collodium portrait by Silverbox photographers (Rute & Filipe)

Larry Schaaf presenting his inspiring talk on Talbot. Thank you so much Larry!

Stereo & Immersive Media’16 official group portrait at Casa Relvas

Silverbox photographers handling a wet collodium plate

The first visitors to Casa Relvas/ Denis Pellerin, Larry Schaaf, Nicholas Wade and Christine taking pictures around the house.

Denis Pellerin, Victor Flores, Emília Tavares and Filipe Luz

Alexandre Ramires holding a vintage London Stereoscopic Company folding stereo viewer for a portrait with Denis Pellerin, Ana David and Luís Beja. A very special occasion for these stereoscopy lovers!

A guided tour to the exhibition of the stereo photographer Francisco Afonso Chaves, at the Museum of Chiado, by the curators Victor dos Reis and Emília Tavares. Great work! — with Victor Flores, Emília Tavares, Victor Dos Reis, Pete James and Gerlind Lorch

An unique encounter of Portuguese stereo collectors! Right to left/ António Pedro Vicente, Alexandre Ramires, Nuno Borges de Araújo, Teresa Mendes Flores e Ana David Mendes

Debate following the screening of Edgar Pera’s new stereo movie at S&I Media’16 — Edgar Pera with Joana Bicacro

A stereo by Gerlind Lorch taken at stereo exhibition of Francisco Afonso Chaves at the Museum of Chiado, Lisbon



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